Pegasus Solutions Sdn Bhd was incorporated in 2006 as an IT service provider specializing in providing IT infrastructure and services for organizations in financial services, security surveillance services, transportation services and vehicle tracking services in Malaysia.

Pegasus Solutions is registered with Ministry of Finance (MOF) and numerous other government agencies and corporations as a Bumiputra company in Malaysia.


Our mission is to leverage on IT to improve the operations and processes of organizations in the public and private sectors. The adoption of advanced information technologies in the public and private sectors in Malaysia as well as in this region is still relatively low. Pegasus Solutions has a great opportunity to play an active role in promoting and realizing the benefits of IT to organizations in Malaysia. The experiences gained and successes achieved in Malaysia can be exported to other countries in this region with similar socio-economic environments. Our lower cost structure due to our lower cost of living and exchange rate in Malaysia coupled with our world-class IT resources will improve our competitiveness against any other foreign IT service providers.

Business Model

We believe in sharing and collaborating with our customers and business partners to achieve common objectives. IT today has advanced to such a level that an individual company will not have all the necessary expertise and experience to provide all the services required to develop and deliver advanced IT services. We also appreciate the costs and risks that customers will be exposed to if IT projects are implemented in the traditional way whereby customers will invest in IT hardware, software and services on their own and also bear the consequences of the success or failure of their investments.

  • Partners. We partner with IT companies which specialize in specific industries or with specific IT expertise. Formis Berhad, Financial Link Sdn Bhd and MyETrade Sdn Bhd are key technology partners of Pegasus Solutions.
  • Customers. We develop IT outsourcing model for our customers so that they can make use of shared infrastructure and resources to lower their cost of entry and ongoing cost of ownership.


    We provide IT infrastructure and services.

    We provide IT as an enabler for organization to improve their operations and processes.

    We believe in achieving win-win situations with our partners and customers.