Pegasus Solutions collaborates with various partners to deliver our services.

Channel Partners

Channel partners are companies which have extensive sales distribution channels. Consumers may not want to use online ticketing services and prefer to use traditional counter services.

Advertiser Partners

Advertiser partners are mostly companies which target the same consumer segments as AllTickets. Most of the customers of AllTickets are from the younger generation. Advertisements can help Pegasus Solutions and bus operators to generate additional revenue that can help to maintain ticket prices even with increasing costs.

Insurance Partners

Personal accident insurance coverage can be an additional option that consumers can choose in the ticket booking process of AllTickets. Consumers can purchase insurance coverage with the click of a button while purchasing tickets.

Bus Operator Partners

Bus operators are the most important partners of Pegasus Solutions. Without close collaboration and mutually beneficial arrangement with bus operators, Pegasus Solutions will not be able to change and improve the current processes.