AllTickets.my is an Online Bus Ticketing System accessible by consumers over the Internet. This service is approved by Commercial Vehicle Licensing Board (CVLB) as part of Malaysian government’s initiative to improve the current express bus operations and services.

The service will improve processes of bus operators from bus ticket purchase to service delivery. Consumers shall benefit from better services provided by bus operators with the help of the system. The following are the key features and benefits for the consumers:

  • Online Searching and Booking of Tickets. Consumers can search and compare bus travel options across multiple bus operators. Information on the schedules, fares and buses shall be provided to help consumers to make informed decisions. Seat selection can also be done when booking tickets.
  • Online Payments. Consumers can pay for tickets using credit cards or online banking services. The tickets can then be printed using normal printer after payment is done. The tickets shall be presented when boarding buses and picture identification document shall be used to validate the authenticity of the tickets.
  • More Ticketing Counters. Consumers can also purchase tickets over the counters the old way. However, consumers need not go to bus stations to do so and can purchase from places such as banks and retail outlets.
  • Improved Notifications and Communications. AllTickets.my can automate the notification process using emails. When there is any change of bus schedules or pickup locations, notification shall be sent to all affected passengers. Consumers can also provide feedbacks and receive responses from bus operators using the system.
  • Value Added Services. Consumers will be able to purchase other services such as personal accident insurance coverage easily using the system when purchasing tickets. AllTickets.my shall also help bus operators to provide loyalty program and advertisers to provide discount coupons to benefit consumers.
  • Improved Control and Monitoring. Data in the system shall be gathered and reports generated to measure the service level and performance of bus operators. With feedbacks from the system and consumers, bus operators and regulators can fine-tune their plans and improve their operations.